Welcome to Ditzy!

This is my new platform for reaching out creatively. I’ve always had a will to write, it started off as writing short stories on my computer as a child, to doing the best I could in English all through high school and then going to university to study journalism (which didn’t turn out well), but the urge to write has always been within me.

I’ve had god knows how many blogs, I’ve just been too afraid to put them out there. This blog is about not being afraid. It’s about learning new things, whether it be about yourself, a topic, a country, a person. It’s about confidence, love, kindness, passion and compassion. I plan on writing many of my thoughts, treating it almost like a diary that everyone else can learn from and hopefully take something away with them.

I am also planning on writing about my trip across Europe in the upcoming month. It will be my first time leaving Australia and I’m sure a change is to come! Thank you for being apart of this change.